"The vision of a young boy of his home city revisited many years later - a 38 year ambition realised!"

Mike McCoy

What is the book about?
In brief, this is a tour of "my" Newcastle but initially written in 1977 with significant and important landmarks around Newcastle such as; the North East Coast Exhibition, the Castle Keep, the Bridges, the Old Hospitals as well many more also with recently constructed buildings. We then added some extra short stories such as; an amusing conclusion to a visit by Queen Victoria in 1850, a harrowing story of witch trials in the middle ages, a couple of poems and a couple of unusual “what if” fictional stories attached to important chapters – these in itself makes this a rarity I believe among local interest books of the region to create a “unique” view of our fair city of Newcastle upon Tyne!

For more information please visit the ABOUT page or get in touch via ncleoldnew@gmail.com

If you want to hear a very personal insight on the journey and the challenges involved - which itself is quite a tale in its own right then please check out Mike's story behind the book here