The story so far .... July 2016

A special hello to all of you out there especially those who have a keen interest or a fascination of all things Newcastle and also relating to the changing face of our proud and famous city.

I'm here to give you an update of the progress of my special “life changing” project to launch a book later this year. Also I plan to reveal a few little sections and snippets of some of the stories [this month feature the “Dog Leap Stairs” and the Millennium Bridge] that will be included in this “mega production”, well it feels like a mega production to me!! So as a brief recap especially to those new to my new monthly report – what is it all about?

Newcastle Old and New: the story so far?

As many will know at the very least from our normal ME PAT communications I have been nurturing a very unique ambition to publish and launch a book based on an old school project renamed "Newcastle Old and New: The Story So Far". This will take the form of a rewrite of a “book” from 38 years ago comprising of about 20 stories from the original project and something like 15-16 linked postscripts, poems and funny stories all to do with the fair city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The official launch of the book will be later this year and in the meantime I have been crowd funding the project with Indiegogo to generate investment and raise funds to not only help complete the project but to realise longer term aims, more about that later though the links below.

Dog Leap Stairs

As I get closer to print we are at the “dot the I’s and cross the T’s” stage as I go through the final proof reads and taking the last of the pics and images to go into the book, on Saturday gone after the Americano event at the Sage I took a wander up The Side to take a few pics of the famous “Dog Leap Stairs”, famous for what?

“The memorably named Dog Leap Stairs emerge on the Side from Castle Garth. These age worn steps were the scene of a very dramatic event in 1772 when Baron Eldon, later to serve as Lord Chancellor of England, eloped with Bessie Surtees. The couple made their daring escape from Surtees House on the Newcastle Quayside with a ladder and horseback. According to local legend, the couple rode up the Side and then Dog Leap Stairs”…

So there you go, hopefully to some this is new, to others who are knowledgeable about Newcastle and have more to add then please let me know.

The Millennium Bridge

The Millennium bridge will be one of the more recent stories that will be added to the book, its actually in as a “postscript” story or an “add on”, simply because that when my original school project was written in 1977 this new stunning bridge wasn’t even a “blink in the eye” of the designer – sorry couldn’t resist the chance of a gag – admittedly a thin one!

We have all marveled at this beautiful piece of architecture on the Quayside – but I bet not many have seen photos like this one below as the giant crane carries the bridge up the Tyne like some meccano toy! I personally took this photo and many more as I skived off work [sorry I meant to say I adjusted my timetable]… it was well worth it!

Question time; here is a question for you [sorry no prizes but I will publish the name of who first comes back to me with the correct answer in next month’s newsletter].

Q: in the picture can you give me the official name of the huge sea crane????

Answers next month...

Or click on the link below for a personal appeal to lovers of Newcastle upon Tyne…..

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