The story so far .... June 2015

As many will know at the very least from our normal ME PAT newsletters I have been nurturing a very unique ambition to publish and launch a book based on an old school project renamed "Newcastle Old and New: The Story So Far", this will take the form of a rewrite of a “book” from 38 years ago comprising of about 20 stories from the original project and something like 15-16 linked postscripts, poems and funny stories all to do with the fair city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The official launch of the book will be in October 2015 at the Central Library but in the meantime I am crowdfunding the project with Indiegogo; with two distinct aims to gain investment and raise the funds to not only complete the project and realise this ambition but I have a second aim. In my research in rewriting the 1929 North East Coast Exhibition story, I discovered that for every millionth visitor to the event a gold watch was given out, so out there are four gold watches buried out of sight. So I would like to if sufficent funds are raised to try and track down the stories behind those watches?

This book will be going on sale “officially” in October 2015 but to get a book reserved early, maybes even with your name in it, or even a unique print of the front cover please follow the link below, If you can invest in this unique project we can at least return the favour in many ways…

I have below a brief vid with an appeal for investment; a more detailed video is on the indiegogo website with more details about the project, please help if you can, if you cant all I ask is that you pass me onto your contacts.

In twelve years in business i have learnt more than anything else is that “networking, works!”.

Ta ta for now and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and interest in my campaign.

Yours Mike McCoy

ME PAT Services Ltd

07865 923716

#newcastle #history #books #nonfiction #booklaunch #giftidea

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