The Story so far ... February 2016

Hi folks hope you are all keeping well and warm – it’s strange this time of year, when we spoke last I was complaining that as we were fully into winter it was sometimes hard to tell the difference with time as the light was dropping at about 4pm in the afternoon… well within the space of only a month or so, even though we are still in winter [and a strange winter at that] the light is now lasting longer – almost 5.15-5.30pm before it gets dark. But don’t worry I am definitely not complaining….

Thanks for following me on the progress of this very special personal project; Newcastle Old and New - the story so far? A “book” about the changing faces of our fair city Newcastle upon Tyne, which was originally written believe it or not, when I was 16, well, production is getting ever closer, we have edited it over and over again, squeezed as many images in as I can and now the book has “finally” been signed off! We have selected a printer and he has told me it will be done in seven days - now he didn’t say “which” seven days but it’s an indication that we are almost there… very soon though we will have a supply of books and the first thing I want to do is get around to all of the VERY patient people who had pre-ordered the book over the past 12 months – thank you to you all…


Another significant development is that we have set up PayPal facilities on the website for on-line purchasing; definitely an important step forward? If you would like more information please get in touch or are interested in pre-ordering a copy of the book; “Newcastle Old and New - the story so far…” follow the web link to and click on the “Buy The Book” tab and it will direct you to PayPal which also takes visa, MasterCard as well as PayPal. It is also set up with P&P and very shortly it will be posted to you direct!


Each week on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as each month or so via newsletter I send out a small taster of what to expect in the book. Well below is certainly no exception as we have are two lovely archive pics of Newcastle from 1930 and 1959 which have been received well via our social medias – and certainly solved a bit of a problem… when I wrote the original book back in 1977 not only were virtually all of the images in black and white but at the age of 16 and some nearly 40 years ago the “acquisition” of archive pictures were not as restrictive as it is today , please don’t ask me to go into the sources I used at the time but suffice to say I couldn’t use the majority of images today! So in the three years of putting this book together the finding of pictures with no copyright has been a real headache and contributed greatly to the delay.

However one very recent supporter and provider of archive pics has been John Moreels, M.B.E of the Photo Memories Organisation who has provided me with some truly excellent shots of our city, two of which are below. Incidentally if you want to find out more about the massive archive photo files they hold then head to;

“Old” Eldon Square

We have an excellent collection of chapters under the title of Eldon Square, not just the shopping centre but also of the original Eldon Square. Now today I can only take a picture the south section of the “old” Eldon Square, or if you are facing the memorial from Blackett Street then it’s the section to the right. So with the above image from 1928-30 not only does it show the splendid buildings around the original “three” sides but you could also park around the war memorial at one time! Bet you didn’t think there was enough space? Surely a cracking picture, eh?

The Last Chapter

In the last chapter of the book, I do a follow up of the original conclusion or the future vision “from” 1977. In the 2016 version I try and predict the future again but more likely I talk about the changes the quayside has gone through over the last 40-50 years. I used two pictures to show a sort of before and after.

The latter was easy with a colour image of the Quayside, Sage and the bridges all lit up, quite stunning in fact, But the “before” was a bit more difficult, this pic here is another image curtsy of John Moreels M.B.E of the Photo Memories Organisation of a “working” quayside in 1959. Doesn’t it just show how much Newcastle and the Quayside has changed over the years??

Wait until you see the two pictures together in the book – a truly a “before and after”…

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