The Story So Far ... March 2016

Well hello, hope you are all keeping well – it’s a strange time of year, it’s officially spring and it looks really lovely outside, but it can be very deceptive as its still cold out there… However the weathers getting better and the nights are getting lighter – and of course its Easter!!

Thanks for following me on the progress of this very special personal book project of mine; “Newcastle Old and New - the story so far”, I am pleased to say though to all of my Newcastle book newsletter followers that I have a an absolutely fantastic announcement to make….

“Newcastle Old and New the story so far…” is at last in book form!!!

We told deliveries of my book two weeks ago and it is simply indescribable to explain how I feel; the excitement of seeing my dream in reality, the relief of all the work that has gone in and finally coming to fruition. It is the conclusion of a 38 year ambition which started simply as a way to express myself as a youngster through a history project at school. None of the teachers recognised my dyslexia and I was even “physically punished” for being “stupid” and “thick” and therefore received no help at all, thankfully society has changed. But throughout all of the many dead end jobs, the many redundancies and latterly the two successful businesses we have built together - I have secretly harboured that psychological “label” given to me by my teachers all those years ago! But at last you could say that I have “closed the chapter” on that part of my life and can hold my head up high with the redraft and self-publishing of “Newcastle Old and New the story so far…” and I must say I am massively impressed with the result [no really!].

I am also so very pleased with the initial take up in only the first two weeks, something I didn’t expect with purchases coming in through many ways; via networking events, on-line, social media, etc, we have even had two books posted out to two “exiled” Geordies in Norwich and Lancashire, whay aye!! I plan to initially self-promote the book through networking groups, various social media platforms, local markets/fates, speaker venues and so on – so it won’t be in the shops for some time. However, to find out more please check out our website via; and if you are interested in purchasing a copy then please click on the, “buy now” button, or email/phone/text me for more information.

Before I close “this chapter” of the newsletter I must point out that there have been so many people from my network groups that have been extremely helpful, not least of all to;

I bring you more special news about the "Newcastle Old and New the story so far..." book, after only 2 weeks on sale it has also received its very first testimonial, I felt so chuffed that I had to share it with you..

Hi Mike “I have read your book Newcastle old and new ...the story so far. I started reading this book with an open mind and ended up with a full mind full of knowledge of my city Newcastle upon Tyne” I started many pages thinking this won't take me wrong I was... I was there in the old Newcastle in the cart with Brice Braden*

[*a character from “The coming of Rome” chapter] Mike I could go on and on about this fantastic book with full details of our history but I don't want to take up too much of your time so I will end by saying this is the BEST historic book of Newcastle upon Tyne. The young lad who started his essay in school has turned out to be a writer. Blockbuster...must read this”

Cheers, Mick Brady

[Contact details available on request]

Well what more can I ask, thanks Mick, this means a huge amount to me!

#booklaunch #newcastle #testimonial #gift

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