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 Hi Mike 
“I have read your book Newcastle old and new ...the story so far.
I started reading this book with an open mind and ended up with a

full mind full of knowledge of my city Newcastle upon Tyne”
I started many pages thinking this won't take me long...how wrong I was...
I was there in the old Newcastle in the cart with Brice Braden*

[*a character from “The coming of Rome” chapter]
Mike I could go on and on about this fantastic book with full details of

our history but I don't want to take up to much of your time so I will end by

saying this is the BEST historic book of Newcastle upon Tyne.
The young lad who started his essay in school has turned out to be a writer.
Blockbuster...must read this”
Mick Brady
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“A book that you can’t help picking up again and again.

Great job Mike”

Inderjit Gill

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“Great book Mike, I hope the first book is doing very well,

any news on a second book, my father who is 89 is very impressed with the first book”.

“Well done mate”

James Barrett [an exiled Geordie living in Norfolk...]

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This book totally engrosses the reader. You’re transported through time from the Romans

to a potential foresight of future in Newcastle. Cleverly written to not overwhelm the reader

with too much detail, but also elaborately detailed to want you to know more.

Well done Mike for a fantastic book and would highly recommend it to anyone.

A great story of our old and new "New-Castle"...

Mark Wilcox

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A letter from New Zealand…


“I purchased 2 copies of this book, one for me and one for my Dad as a Father's Day present!

Best present ever as my dad is a proud Geordie and loves history! I specifically brought my copy

to New Zealand so whenever I meet anyone who would love to know about my roots they can

read this. I'm fascinated in particular about the history of the bridges, whenever I have been away

from home, the bridges are the thing that makes me smile and say "ah home!"

It was also intriguing hearing about our dear metro system and the mysterious ghost station! What

a marvellous thing and to think our transport system has even took Europe by storm!

I met Mike at a networking group MYB and my goodness this man oozes passion, I can't wait to read

a second book and thank you for the history which I can share in my new home of Nelson, New Zealand”

Nicola Zielinski

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I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your book, not once but several times.  It has brought many happy memories

back to me and I am going to high-light a few [memories] which may be of interest to you. 

Swing Bridge – I was a Secretary to the Assistant Chief Engineer at the Tyne Improvement Commission who own the Swing Bridge. 

1928 – I saw the opening of the Tyne Bridge by Queen Mary and King George V, after they performed this ceremony they opened the

Heaton Secondary School and I saw them again as they came through the gates from Jesmond Park West. My parents lived in Southlands

so it was very convenient. I was only 6 at the time! I fire watched at Tyne Commission during the last war and I have a Fire Guard

Certificate to prove I had undergone an IB Course of Instruction. 

1929 - I was with my parents outside the North East Coast Exhibition when it was opened – I can’t remember anything about that really.

Grainger Market – My Mother, and later when I was married, used to buy our meat from a Butcher called Urwin who had a shop in the Market.

I expect you have heard of the Redheugh Bridge – did you know that was a Toll bridge?


I think your book is very nicely presented and it must have brought back many memories of your school days


 [The above kind lady has asked for her name not to be shown]